Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tikit Rear Rack?

Kevin P posted a link to this picture of a Tikit with a rear rack on the Bike Friday Yak LIst. The picture came from Germany, but no other details were provided.

Update [Walter posted the following msg on the Yak List today]:

"Right now we're working on two designs, one of which is finished, but needs some other resources, namely tooling to build it as well as materials to produce it. I even saw Hanz working on the former issue just the other day. It's coming, it's #1 priority for us, but as of yet it's difficult, since some of the problems are beyond our control, to even promise a particular date at this point.

The first one is a rack ideal for a rack top bag. The second one will be the official pannier rack, though that's the one that's not complete in terms of the design, so I wouldn't be willing to say for certain what it's going to be. I know it's not going to be just like the first one. The first one will stay on when folded. Not sure if it will pack without removal, but maybe. Bike will still stand and wheel around ok with the rack as far as I can tell. That's all I know at this point, but trust me, you'll know when it's coming.

By the way, Hanz and Rob (our design team) don't mind an e-mail or a phone call. I know they can't bite across large distances. Shorter distances are another story, but I digress. If you're ever worried
about something, just get in touch directly. You'll get an answer.
What other company would open the door for you like that? :D

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Steve said...

FYI, I spoke to someone at Bike Friday today. A prototype rear rack is being tested on bikes in Eugene. How soon it's in production will depend on the feedback; it could be within a month, or it could be longer. Can't wait to see how it turns out ... I'll be on the phone with my credit card in hand as soon as it's available.

Anonymous said...

Just received an e-mail from BF which mentions that one version of the rear rack is now available ... the version designed for a rack top bag. According to BF:

A rear rack is now available for the tikitTM! If you order your tikitTM by April 18th you can get a rear rack for Free.

tikitTM rear rack features:
* Can haul things.
* The Detours Teeco bag and several trunk bags fit on it. (We are developing more bags that will work in the future.)
* Does not effect the bike fold.
* Protects the rear fender.
* The tikitTM can pack in a suitcase with the rack still on it!

Vik said...

Thanks for the info. I rec'd that email as well. I wonder if that went out to the general public or what the distribution list was as I haven't heard anyone else talking about it yet???