Sunday, May 11, 2008

Greenspeed Scorcher TR - Initial Impressions

I've been riding my Tikit with Greenspeed Scorcher TR tires on it for a couple weeks now and wanted to share my thoughts so far:
  • These tires are more comfortable @ ~60 psi than the Schwalbe Marathons I swapped out which I was running @ ~70-80 psi. The extra volume [40mm vs 35mm width] of the Scorchers lets you run them at lower pressure without risking pinch flats. I will probably try lowering the pressure to 50 psi and see how I like them.
  • The Scorchers feel faster than the stock tires, but honestly that is just a guess and the difference is not huge. Since I don't use a bike computer on the Tikit and I tend to just ramble around town it's hard to provide any quantitative measure of speed.
  • My riding has taken me through quite a lot of flat causing debris such as broken glass and construction waste. So far the Scorchers are holding up fine and I haven't had any flats. I guess getting the TR = thorn resistant kevlar belted version was a good choice.
  • They look nice with the black bike - not vital, but having a cool looking ride isn't a bad thing....=-)
  • Overall I'm pleased with the Scorchers and feel they are a worthy upgrade. However, come next winter I'll throw the treaded Marathons on again.
  • I should note the Scorchers were a tight fit with the Tikit single pannier front rack. They have loads of clearance with the 2 pannier front rack I have installed now.

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