Sunday, May 4, 2008

Tikit & Big Brother

...sometimes your relatives are Big Dummies...=)


Oldyonfoldy said...

Your Big Dummy certainly looks very impressive. Imagine it doing the school run, taking 4 kids at a time easy :)

You have the most interesting toys Vik!

kenf said...

Has anyone tried using a tandem as a long bike?

And because these monsters are a pain to store, maybe a folding version is in order.

Bike Friday does have a tandem/solo convertible bike. Maybe with a different middle section it could be used for cargo.

Are you listening Bike Friday?

Vik said...

Yes people have adapted tandems to cargo bike use...not sure how successfully, but it has been done.

The Big Dummy is only 15" longer in wheelbase than a normal bike. I live in a downtown apartment and don't have a problem getting it up in the elevator or storing it.

If you want more versatility and easy storage I'd probably recommend a trailer like the Burley Nomad.