Friday, May 30, 2008

Goofing Off

Dwayne stands guard outside the bank.

It started as a quick trip to the bank, but didn't end for over 2.5hrs as we roamed all over the centre of town bombing around on our bikes. No real mission after the bank other than the fact it seemed silly to go home while the sun was shining and the weather was so nice. We were racing folks on the Bow River bike path getting funny looks as we cranked past riders on performance machines. After a particularly energetic burst of speed I paused to take some photos. One of the riders we had passed stopped by my Tikit and said:

"Is that a Bike Friday?"

"Yes it is I replied" - taking a shot of Dwayne crossing a bridge.

"That thing really moves!" - the rider comments.

"Yeah it does" - I replied, then added - "and this is a commuter bike not one of their really fast models."

"Do they have a website?" - the rider asked.

"" I responded and we were off on our bikes again.

We ended up riding until a thunderstorm was upon us and all the dust it was whipping up made it hard to see. I love riding a bicycle without any other purpose except generating as big a grin as possible.

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litsl said...

In a busy world full of life admin and rushing about it is easy to forget to ride purely for the joy of riding. Those have to be the best journeys, you ride because the sun is out and you have a smile on your face and for no other reason. My favourite motorcycle journeys are like that too. I wonder why such journeys are so rare.

A nice write-up, keeping goofing around and writing about it Vik!