Saturday, December 15, 2007

VDO C3 DS Wireless Bike Computer

I'm a data junkie - at least as far as distance and speed goes. The folding stem on the Tiit makes a wired bike computer a real PITA to install. So I thought I try a wireless unit. I've had mixed results with wiresless computers in the past, but I had heard good things about the VDO C3 digital unit.

I picked one up at MEC and was pleased with the construction, ease of installation and comprehensive instructions.

I found the menu system and buttons were not very intuitive to use. Perhaps because all but one of my other bike computers are Cateyes and I'm trained in the Cateye interface? Not a deal breaker as the menu provided sufficient explanation on screen to allow you to find what you wanted.

Unfortunately in use I found the VDO unreliable. On almost every ride over the course of a week I would lose signal for a long time - sometimes until I was home and fiddled with the position of the transmitter, magnet and computer. I was always able to get it working again, but in my world I don't want to mess with my bike computer more than a couple times a year. Since I couldn't get reliable speed and distance data from the VDO I returned it.

For general use around town I don't really need a bike computer, but for commuting and for touring I like to know how far I've traveled and how fast I'm moving.

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