Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chris Wee's Tikit Page

Click here to see Chris' Tikit Article on crazyguyonabike.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vik,

Nice tikit blog and very thorough research you've done. The bike has many quirks / minor imperfections, depending on how you perceive them.

Then again with BF's customer base, there's always more 'good than bad' A friend in Bangkok is CNC machining aluminium parts for the handlepost and seattpost mounts on the main frame. I guess it's a bike that one can tinker a lot with also.

Chris Wee

Vik said...

Thanks Chris...I fixed the messed up link to your crazyguyonabike article - sorry!

I think your friend's Tikit has the old style hinge and cable - if so I'd highly recommend getting BF to send you the new parts and install them. That should really improve the front end stiffness.

I'll keep checking in on your Tikit pages and see what changes you make...=-)