Thursday, December 27, 2007

My bad Schwalbe - sorry!

I've been holding back a little [only a little!] on my criticism of the stock Tikit tires. I generally like Schwalbe rubber and have it on most of my bikes. I've felt a bit bad putting them down, but the lackluster performance of these 349 Marathons has been hard to ignore.

Well today on my way out the door I decided to throw a few lbs of air into the back tire. To my shock and horror I didn't have the 70 psi of pressure I thought I did. I had just under 40 psi in the rear tire - well below the 50psi lower pressure limit, not to mention the 85 psi upper pressure limit! Doh! What a Homer Simpson moment. The front was also at 40 psi so I topped both tires up to 80 psi. Not surprisingly I felt like I was flying along when I was on the road. Without a bike computer it is hard to quantify the performance increase, but saying it is significant isn't an overstatement. I won't be setting any PRs on my Tikit, but I will be smiling a lot more as I cruise around town with less effort.

My apologies to Schwalbe - it was 100% operator error.

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