Saturday, December 15, 2007

MKS EZY Pedals

The stock Tikit folding pedals work well enough when it is dry out, but they become quite slippery when wet. Seeing as it is winter in Canada wet isn't that unusual! Ideally I'd like a pair of really grippy folding pedals - that way they'd stay on the bike, but I couldn't find a pair that fit the bill. My LBS had a pair of these MKS EZY MTE [lots of letters!] quick connect pedals. They have a fitting similar to an air gun - push in on the fitting and the pedals come off or go on without tools. They came with some yellow plastic safety clips that go between the fitting and the crank to avoid unintended releases. I had hoped to ride them without these clips, but a pedal came off on my first ride - I guess my running shoe must have pushed in the fitting? I ride fairly aggressively around town and the last thing I want to think about is suddenly standing on air! Using the safety clips isn't a deal breaker, but it is one more step when removing/installing the pedals and you have to try and avoid losing them when the pedals are off the bike. These clips take something away from what would otherwise have been a really elegant solution.

The pedals themselves seem well made and they aren't slippery. I'd give them an A without needing the clips and a B because you need the safety clips.

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Glenn said...

Count yourself very lucky with your pedal mishap. I love MKS Ezy pedals, and have every model made (across a fleet of bikes), but when I left the clips off and slipped a pedal, I was locked into some 'cubes' on a folding bike with 20" tires, and I did a full forward flip involving my face and quite a bit of blood.