Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Tikit Arrives!

A little over a week after I ordered it my Tikit arrived from BF...=-)

It was packed quite carefully and needed just minor assembly - attach one pedal, the front fender, install front wheel, adjust seat post and steerer bar height. I was a bit surprised there was not a sheet of paper with unpacking instructions right on top of the Tikit. I didn't have any major issues putting the bike together, but I have built my own bikes from scratch. I could see how someone with less bike maintenance experience might wonder what to do. There was a DVD in the box with some videos on how to fold/unfold the Tikit as well as how to pack/unpack it in the BF travel case. There wasn't a video on how to unpack and assemble your Tikit when you receive it the first time.

Once the Tikit was all in one piece I went about adjusting it. I'm at the lower end of the adjustment range for the large frame so the bars are at their lowest position vertically and the seatpost is only expose a few inches. The reach to the bars is perfect and the having the steerer and seatpost both at close to their lowest settings means my Tikit probably has the least cockpit flex possible.

The overall fit and finish of the Tikit is excellent and it is clear that the designers put a lot of thought into this bike as there are so many small details that seem to work "just right". The components are nothing special, but they work well and I'll replace them with whatever suits my fancy down the road when they wear out.

The Bike Friday head badge is a nice touch.

I really like the fact you can get the Tikit in different sizes to get an appropriate saddle to bar distance.

The stock folding pedals work fine, but they are slippery when wet.

I'm pleased the Tikit comes stock with fenders and a bell - practical accessories for an urban/commuter bike.

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