Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tikit Single Pannier Front Rack

I ordered my Tikit with the option single pannier front rack. This rack has two benefits:
  1. you can fold the bike and roll it around with the pannier on it
  2. the rack keeps the shower cap off the front wheel so you can roll it around when it is covered
It does these two things as advertised. It installs easily and looks unobtrusive when not in use. Unfortunately the single sided concept has issues when the pannier is anything, but lightly loaded. The bike wants to steer towards the pannier making for a manageable, but less than thrilling ride. Carrying a wind breaker, spare tube and some basic tools won't be an issue, but if you throw in lunch, a book and an extra water bottle you'll notice it.

I'd really like to see a double sided version of this rack that can hold a pannier on each side for balance and if you wanted to just run a right pannier so you could leave it on when folded that would be an available option. Two panniers up front would make the Tikit a VERY useful beast of burden.

Update: I spoke with Hugh at BF and they are going to build me a custom two pannier front rack! Sweet. Time frame is for March/April 2008 and we haven't worked out a cost at this point. If you want one of these racks I'd call Hugo and let him know - making a small batch will be more cost effective than making just one.

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