Thursday, December 27, 2007

What I like better about my Dahon...

It is pretty clear that I like my Tikit a lot, but it isn't perfect so I thought I'd post the areas where I prefer my Dahon Speed D7:
  • I like the ride of the 20" [406] wheels. They are fast and deal with road imperfections better than the 16" [349] wheels on the Tikit. Having tried some 20"x 2.00" Big apples I'm going to fit those tires to my Dahon and the ride will be even better. I also like the tire selection in the 406 size better and I have two recumbents with that size wheel so they can share tires/tubes.
  • the steerer/stem on the Dahon is very stiff. I don't have an issue with this on the Tikit, but I've got the stem set right at the lowest level. The Dahon stem is larger diameter and stiffer even when extended fully.
  • the D7 comes with a kickstand and rear rack. A front rack is available as an upgrade. The Tikit doesn't have a rear rack available and only has the option of a single sided front rack which is of limited utility. The Tikit has a bracket for mounting an after market kickstand.
  • I'm not 100% on this [as the bikes live in different parts of the country], but I think the Dahon fold is smaller.
  • Dahon has dealers everywhere I go allowing for easier access to spares and after sales support. Plus no shipping costs to buy one.
  • a Dahon Speed D7 costs about 40% of the price of a Tikit.


Jerome said...

Yeah I'd say it's noticable that you like your Tikit! Almost makes me think I need to go and buy one. Ha, ha. Did you leave your Dahon in Ontario?? Are you still going back there for work. Peace.

Vik said...

Yup the Dahon is in Ontario and will be staying there for the foreseeable future. I'll be heading back there to work sometime early in 2008, but no dates set yet.

Oldyonfoldy said...

Hi Vik,
I have a Tikit & 2 Dahons, a Speed 8 w Big Apples and a Speed Pro. Agree w you abt the "better ride" esp w BA tires. 20" vs 16". But I think the tikit's folded size is smaller than Dahons. Its handling is also sharper and the ability to wheel around makes the Tikit a better commuter.

But for value for $, the D7 is unbeatable.