Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tikit Additions/Upgrades I'd Like

Photo by Alex Wetmore

The Tikit is a great bike with the right add ons it could be even more useful.

Front two pannier rack:
  • The single sided rack is useful for light loads, but you cannot load it heavily without compromising the Tikit's handling.
  • I'm happy to say BF is going to build me a custom 2 pannier front rack in the early part of 2008. I'm very impressed with the responsiveness to my phone call.
Rear rack:
  • right after a front rack that carries two panniers I'd like a rear rack that will accept a couple panniers and have a shelf to strap stuff to.
  • I've got a pic on this blog of a German Tikit with a rear rack, but have not confirmed that this will be a Bike Friday production item.
  • Talking to Bike Friday they weren't sure what was going to happen as far as coming out with a rear rack. I'll look into in some more next time I speak with them about my front rack.
Greenspeed 40-349 Scorcher tires:
  • I like Schwalbe tires. I have them on most of my bikes. On the Tikit the stock Marathons are durable, but not particularly fast or comfortable. I think the 40-349 Scorchers will fit under the Tikit fenders and should offer less rolling resistance with a more plush ride. The trade off may be shorter lifespan and high chance of flats.
  • I'll run the stock tires until early summer and then put some scorchers on.
Alex Wetmore style porteur rack:
  • I really like Alex's custom porteur rack. He isn't making them for sale, but hopefully Bike Friday will take him up on the offer to copy his design.
  • Being able to strap a normal bag or a box to the front of the Tikit would be a very practical option.
  • Based on where they are with a rear rack for the Tikit I wouldn't hold out much hope for seeing this from BF any time soon.

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