Friday, December 21, 2007

Dual Dinotte Lights

I bought some Dinotte 200L-AA-S lights on sale in November for $100 each vs. the regular price of $160. The fit and finish is very nice and they mount on any bike I have with ease.

Running off 4 standard NiMH rechargeables you can get 2hrs @ 200lumens, 4hrs @ 100lumens and 8hrs @ 50 lumens. There are also 2 different flashing modes and a strobe mode.

The battery packs attach with a velcro strap to the stem. I bought a few extra battery holders so I can swap in fresh batteries very quickly. The white button on the rear turns the lights on/off and switches between power levels.

The light is projected in a tight cone.

Definitely very bright for their size and cost. I went out for a ride with them, but I'll have to report on their performance later as there was too much light pollution downtown to really make an evaluation. One thing is for certain oncoming traffic/pedestrian knew the Tikit was on the road!


galfromdownunder said...

Vik, DiNotte have a nice setup just for Bike Fridays. See for a link

Vik said...

Hi Lynette,

The Dinotte hyperlink takes you to a Vega L&M review.