Thursday, December 27, 2007

On a roll...

One of the features I really like about the Tikit is the ability to pick it up by its built in handle and roll it along next to me. Having carried my Dahon around TTC stations in TO and tried to roll it awkwardly when folded I can appreciate the ease with which I move the folded Tikit. Having said that I would note that you still have to push 25lbs of bike around so it isn't effortless, but it is the best system I've seen to date.

A couple tips:
  • keeping the Tikit more vertical means you have to lift less weight as most of the bike is balanced over the front wheel.
  • When you want to move quickly lowering the Tikit lets you push it along quite a bit faster, but you have to support more of the bike's weight.
Another benefit of the Tikit's super easy fold/unfold is that I am much more likely to unfold and ride the Tikit even relatively short distances. The same process with my Dahon is enough hassle I wouldn't bother unless I was going quite a long way.

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