Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Tikit's First Ride

Naturally I had to try out the Tikit as soon as possible. I needed to grab a couple things from the cycling dept @ MEC as well as rent a DVD @ Blockbuster. My initial impressions were that the bike fit like a full size bike and handled quite well, but the stock Marathons felt sluggish and a bit harsh. I left the bike in the 16T cog in the back the whole time. The brakes work well and are thankfully silent.

One issue that concerned me when I bought the Tikit was flex in the bars I had read about. I'm happy to report that the large frame and the revised front hinge + cable works like a charm. I don't notice any significant flexing when I'm riding it and even when off the bike trying to make the front end flex it is solid.

It seemed nobody even noticed the Tikit as I rolled it around both shops. The carry handle was conveniently placed and the fold/unfold is as advertised very fast and just as importantly to adjustement of fiddling required to get the Tikit cockpit back in exactly the same position.

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