Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day Ramble

After passing out at 10pm on Christmas day - halfway through Harry Potter and with 3lbs of turkey and a whole beer in my system. I awoke to several options for my cross town commute home - Sean offered to drive me and my Tikit downtown, I could ride a few KMs to the C-train station for a $2.25 ride into the core or I could ride back the way I came. Well even though it was a lot colder than the previous day and the wind was fairly strong with a light snowfall I decided to roll home under my own power.

I didn't see any other cyclists the whole ride. I was looking forward to snapping a few more pics, but my camera battery packed it in due to the low temperature. My bike path speed on the Tikit is about 18kph and my open road speed is about 20kph. I can sprint faster, but the extra energy input is not rewarded with a longterm speed increase on the Tikit. I tend to bomb everywhere on my bikes at pretty at pretty close to maximum velocity - the Tikit is teaching me to chill out and enjoy the ride at a more leisurely pace.

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