Saturday, December 15, 2007

Planet Bike Red Zepplin

I'll a pump guy. In fact I'm a pump [plus basic tools, spare tube & patches] with every bike kind of guy. If you ride a bike any distance and with any frequency I figure you should be able to deal with the obvious problems like a flat tire.

In a break with tradition I decided not to pair up a pump with my Tikit instead I put a Planet Bike Red Zepplin in the tool kit. It is far more compact than even my smallest pump. The short range I will ride it and the small size of the tubes mean that a couple CO2 cartridges will fill several tubes and I can always fold it up and throw it in a taxi or on a bus to get home if all else fails. I will carry a spare tube, tire levers & a patch kit with me. As long as I'm running Schwalbe Marathon tires flats are not a huge risk.

For tours I'll throw in my smallest Topeak Morph pump.

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