Tuesday, March 18, 2008

MKS EZY Pedals 3 Month Review

Read my initial impressions of these pedals here.

I used these pedals all winter on my Tikit because I found the stock pedals too slippery when they got wet. I recently switched back to the stock pedals as conditions are much drier now. So how did they work? Well on the plus side they are well made and gave me zero issues all winter. They are reasonably easy to remove when needed and they are certainly less slippery when wet than the stock pedals. On the down side I did not find them particularly comfortable to use. They are curved so that one side is curved up and the other is curved down. I didn't find I liked either side much and it forced me to pay attention to which side was up every time I stopped and started. If these pedals just had a flat platform I would probably still have them on my bike - too bad!

I will keep them for next winter, but I'll be on the look out between now and then for another folding/QR pedal option that will be more satisfactory.

Having used the stock pedals again for a few rides I REALLY like having a flat platform on both sides of the pedal. I find I don't think about my pedals anymore. I just ride my bike - which is the way it should be.


Anonymous said...

MKS EZY Promenade pedals are flat on both sides. I use them with powergrips on a bike friday tandem. I haven't been conscious of the slipperiness issue.

Vik said...

Thanks for teh tip...I'll check those out...=-)

Stewart Midwinter said...

hi Vik, where did you get the MKS pedals? I'm thinking of putting some QR pedals on my 16" Dahon (not on my 20" Dahon) in order to reduce the risk of damage in transport.