Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leaning Tikit Solved

I rode my Tikit to visit my accountant today and had a lot of trouble getting it to stand upright when folded. After it fell over twice I vowed to figure out how to solve the problem when I got home.

On the right side of your Tikit just in front and above your bottom bracket there is a bolt that controls how much the Tikit folds. Mine [shown on the left above] was seated all the way so I replaced it with the longer bolt pictured above. Note you only need a slightly longer bolt. I used the one shown simply because that's all I had in my spare parts bin that would fit.

In the picture above you can see the post and latch that keep your rear triangle in place when the Tikit is folded with the new bolt sitting below. You just have to adjust the longer bolt until the post and latch are able to close fully, but no more. This forced my rear triangle to stay a little bit more open which leveled out the bike nicely. No more falling over for this Tikit!

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