Monday, May 12, 2008

Sticky Hyper-fold Clamp

Hinge clamp - note the rubber block between the two cable strands.

The clamping system on the Hyper-fold Tikit is a great design that has proven reliable and effective for ultra fast folds. One minor problem that can crop up with this clamping system is the clamp not releasing when the rear triangle is folded under the bike.

The clamp can get sticky and requires periodic lubrication. Just use any light lube [tri-flow, light grease, etc..] and apply it to the portion of the clamp that "grabs" the two sides of the stem hinge. You don't need much so lube sparingly. This takes 10 seconds and should solve your problem. So far in 6 months of use I've lubed my clamp once.

In the unlikely event that lubing the clamp doesn't sort out your problem there is one other possible cause. In the back of the clamp you should have a small black rubber block. This block is compressed when the clamp is closed. When the cable tension releases the compressed block springs back to its uncompressed shape and opens the clamp so you can Hyper-fold your Tikit. It's possible for the rubber block go go MIA which would result in the clamp not opening automatically. You can visually confirm that the block is in place.


David said...

Thanks vik! I had this problem the same day I received my brand new tikit. After practicing folding it about 10 times, the clamp was stuck even with the cable slack under the bike frame. I inspected a while and tried lubing the lips of the pac-man clamp, discovering the solution and then confirming it by coming across your blog.

Now another problem: After riding in the saddle for a few miles, I attempt to fold my tikit, and find that the seat mast is very difficult to get out of its upright position. I essentially have to kick it from behind while holding the bike, as slapping the rear or bottom of the seat doesn't provide enough impulse. I'm guessing this is just because it's new and the pins at the base of the seat mast haven't worn into the groove they sit in very much yet. But it is a real pain. Any ideas?

Vik said...

Hi David no real solution to your seat mast issue. I have two Tikits and one is harder to fold the seat mast than the other. I just use my foot to hold down the rear wheel and give the seat a good whack. On my easy folding Tikit the seat mast just pops out.

I don't really notice the difference from a practical point of view unless I use both bikes back to back.