Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bike Friday Partners with Transit System

This video takes about Bike Friday's new partnership program with a local transit service. What is quite smart is this program solves problems for all involved:
  • Bike Friday gets some marketing help and sells bikes.
  • The transit folks get more customers interested in their service who wouldn't have used it before without the help of a folding bike at the beginning and end of their journey.
  • The transit customer learns about and new way to commute that might make their trip easier or might make using transit feasible if it wasn't before. The customer also gets info on where to buy these odd bikes and knows the transit service will allow them on their buses.
The great thing about folding bikes & transit is that they compliment each other well. Transit doesn't always go exactly where you need to go and biking the whole way is often too much for people. By using the transit service to cut down your trip into a manage distance to ride you make biking feasible for a lot more people. Plus the transit start and end points can be a bit further from a potential user's start and end point with the bike rides making up the difference.

Hopefully once you get folks out on a bike - even for short trips - they'll start to enjoy it more and see the obvious benefits of a biking lifestyle...=-)


Jacob said...

nice post

kenf said...

One of the reasons I bought a Tikit is to take it on the Washington DC METRO during rush hour. I sometimes refer to it as a Transit Oriented Bicycle

Shane Rhodes said...

Link to video seems broken "This video has been removed by the user."

Vik said...

The link is fixed - thanks for pointing that out Shane!