Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rock Solid

I'll post more about the new Tikit rear rack shortly, but one thing that I wanted to share is how stable the folded bike is now. You'd have to kick it to knock it over. Very nice...=-)


kenf said...

Wow, I hope mine shows up soon.

slogie said...

I see you still have the front rack on the bike. Do you use it at all?

Vik said...

I don't use the front rack for carrying a pannier as I find it affects the handling too much. Someone emailed me or left a comment on this blog saying they didn't have any issue with carrying a single sided pannier so I am planning to try it again, but haven't got around to it yet. I want to give the rack a fair shot so if it is working for others I'm prepared to do some more trials now that I am really comfortable on my Tikit.

The rack serves another purpose in that it allows you to roll the covered bike. Without the front rack you have to carry the Tikit with the cover on.

I should be getting a prototype 2 sided front rack in the next few weeks which will hopefully make carrying two panniers a snap without hurting the bike's handling. I'm hopeful...=-)

Anonymous said...

vik, you have the best (only?) blog on the net about the tikit. thanks for setting it up. very informative.

have you thought about putting up some videos on youtube? for instance, i'm interested in how you roll the folded tikit with the cover on. i'm having a hard time visualizing it.


Vik said...

I appreciate the kind words - thank you. I have quite a few ideas for this blog and since it is finally summer I'll be ramping up my posts.

Sure I can do some videos and any other posts you would find helpful. Please feel free to make requests...=-)

litsl said...

Now that stability point is a BIG PLUS!