Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tikit Rear Rack

Bike Friday sent out an email recently showing the rear Tikit rack pictured above with the following description:

"A rear rack is now available for the tikitTM! If you order your tikitTM by April 18th you can get a rear rack for Free [$50 value].

TikitTM rear rack features:
  • Can haul things.
  • The Detours Teeco bag and several trunk bags fit on it. (We are developing more bags that will work in the future.)
  • Does not effect the bike fold.
  • Protects the rear fender.
  • The tikitTM can pack in a suitcase with the rack still on it!"
There is a second Tikit rear rack in the works that will be designed for touring and will most likely have to be removed to pack or fold the bike.

1 comment:

Laurent said...

Hey, the rear rack looks good. What's the confirmation on the free rack. I don't see it on their website. I just ordered a tikit at a NYC bike shop, I might call and ask them if they know about this deal. I'd like to get a rack like that. It might protect the fender a bit when folding

Secondly, what kind of pack can you put on a 16 inch wheel?