Monday, June 2, 2008

Wet, but comfortable...

I rode home this morning in a light, but persistant rain. I didn't have any rain gear with me, but the fenders on my Tikit kept me clean and through the magic of performance fabrics I stayed dry at skin level even though my outer layers were a bit damp.


Anonymous said...

Vik, are you going to look for studded snow tires for winter for the Tikit? Are you contemplating riding it in winter? BTW, I have been looking for specs on the Tikit. Such as max weight for rider and panniers.


Vik said...

I rode my Tikit all of this past winter from mid-Dec onwards. We have fairly dry winters so as long as you avoid a few truly heinous days you don't need studs living downtown. I'm not sure if they make studded tires in 349, but I suppose worst case you can make your own. I'll just put the stock Schwalbe Marathons on the Tikit when winter rolls around again.

I don't have any max weight specs, but I'd call Bruno at Bike Friday and ask him - he'll give you any information you'd like. 1-800-777- 0258.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vik,
Great blog. Helped me decide to get a tikit. Had fun riding in the light rain tonight. Any reason you commute with a messenger bag as opposed to some kind of panier / rack bag since you have all those options open to you? (I'm currently rack-less.)

Vik said...

Hey Chuck,

Glad you decided on a Tikit you'll have loads of fun with it.

I am lucky to have lots of luggage options when I ride. I use a messenger bag when it is practical for the load I want to carry because it is simple and very functional on or off the bike.

If I was carrying heavier items or really bulky items I'd start using panniers on my Tikit.

Anonymous said...

What kind of jacket is that?

Vik said...

That's my favourite jacket for the last couple years a MEC Ferrata hoodie:

It's windproof water resistant and very tough. I've taken it with me on every major trip I've been on as well as wearing it almost every day. It still looks nearly new.