Friday, July 25, 2008

Old Bike Friday

I went to a friend's BBQ tonight and one of the guests showed up on this old Bike Friday. He said it was one of the first 150 ever made. I wonder if that's true? Regardless it was a cool bike. Funny thing is as we were admiring it the rear tire spontaneously exploded so he had a flat to deal with before he went home.


Anonymous said...

Yep, there were some older designs before we eventually settled on the sort of singular design we have now. Outside of the fact that the first Fridays had these diamond frames, there were a variety of stock bikes that explored some other slightly different takes on the monotube theme we have now. You can see this in the Pocket Pilot, Pocket Tourist, Pocket Nomad, Pocket Metro, Oregon Transit, etc. etc. etc. The 1st and 3rd BFs are at Bike Friday and they both have this sort of frame design your friend has.

kenf said...

I almost bought one of these (diamond frame BF) a year ago. Someone had one for sale at a local bike swap meet. It rode very well. I'm sorry now I didn't get it. But if I had, I wouldn't have gotten my Tikit

Hugh said...

Sandy and I now own 2 diamond frames. I've converted mine from 406 to 451; Sandy's has an upgraded fork (v-brakes instead of the old sidepulls) and riser (better clamping/alignment system). Most of the components are the original on both, but I did repaint them. Sweet rides!