Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Stolen Tikit - Toronto

Note: stolen Tikit was white with black lettering.

My 12 year old son was just robbed by a man who confronted him one block from our house (Indian Road Cres and Abbott), who told him he'd be hurt if he didn't get off the bike. The bike was a Bike Friday Tikit that we'd bought just two hours before. It's also distinctive: white paint with black markings, unlike most which are black with white markings. http://www.bikefriday.com/tikit

Of course I realize that many many bikes are stolen, but relatively few are robberies, and the idea of a 12 year old being threatened to get a bike really is awful - my kid or any other. And so I'm appealing to the cycling community in Toronto to help. If you see a white Bike Friday Tikit going by, the thief was about 6 feet, medium build, medium brown skin, wearing just grey shorts and a sweatshirt over his shoulders, let me know: 647 502 3398. Any suggestions as to where to post greatly appreciated. The theft has been reported to Toronto Police.


Chad said...

Bummer, its always sad to hear about bike theft, but when it happens to young children that is even worse. If something like that happened so close to home I would start to think about ways to either move, or get involved with the community about improving the neighborhood.

Alan said...

I can't find the words to accurately describe how I feel about this; it's some mixture of sadness, rage, and shock. The worst part, of course, is the fact that a young person had to experience something like this. Hopefully the perpetrator is quickly apprehended and brought to justice.

galfromdownunder said...

Let's hope it pops up like the one in SFO did http://www.bikefriday.com/tikit/stolen07