Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tikit Commando Shopping

I introduced Nivea to the joys of commando style grocery shopping with a Tikit. What's "commando style" shopping you ask? That's when you are at home hungry and realize you have nothing in the fridge to eat and it's 6pm. So you jump on your Tikit ride quickly over to the store, fold the Tikit, roll it inside, grab the essentials for a Thai chicken curry meal, hit the self-check out, roll out, unfold and ride home. You are in and out so fast the staff at the Safeway don't know what hit them!..=-) This procedure is most effective when wearing all black and talking on some FRS radios to coordinate your mission. With two Tikit commandos you can complete the job in half the time.

You better try this soon - it's so convenient and fun somebody is bound to pass a law prohibiting it!....=-)~


jbutterw said...

Thai chicken curry? Sounds good. So which one of these many blogs of yours has the recipie? "Vik's Victuals" perhaps?


Vik said...

hahaha....okay Jeff since you asked...not the exact recipe, but close:


kenf said...

Where is the chicken?