Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Chick Magnet

I rec'd a gift certificate for MEC at Christmas so I rode over there to spend it on some outdoor bling. I bought a titanium alcohol stove...=-) On my ride home an attractive girl walking by yells out "...nice bike!..." I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off the saddle. I ride my bikes around downtown all the time and I've never had that reaction before so I'm pretty sure it isn't because of my rugged good looks....LMAO. It had to be the Tikit...who would have guessed? Uber fast fold and chick magnet all in one bike....=-)

Update: riding over to Deanna's this AM in the dark I was passed on a quiet stretch of the bike path by a guy on a mtn bike who also said "...nice bike..." I guess the Tikit is just too cute not to comment on....=-)


Jerome said...

Right on! Sounds like the same kind of attention a bent might attrack huh?

On the stove, I'd like to hear how well it works. I've been thinking about a little ditty like that to take riding. Just for heating up Ramen or something like that.


Vik said...

The stove reviews have all been positive. I tried it once on my balcony, but in the cold and with a breeze it didn't work too well. I need to preheat the stove a bit in these temps and use a windscreen.