Thursday, January 24, 2008

Paul Webb's Tikit

From the Yak List:

"I visited my old home town of Perth (Western Australia) over Xmas and got some good rides in so it's time for an update.

Packing: I found I could pack the Tikit into suitcase in an easy 15 min. Unpack probably slightly less.

Tikit plus necessary tools plus two changes cycling clothes, helmet, pump, pair cycling shoes, battery lights in Samsonite Flite. Total 19.5 kg at airline check-in.

Over ten days I did four rides of 60km+. These rides were mostly with my old racing buddies. Now, in the last six months my riding has been restricted to a 30min commute and that not on every day. I'd have ridden for more than an hour about about six times in the last year. So for me to keep up and mix it with these guys confirmed that I'm not giving much away by riding the

For the riding that I'm doing right now, the Tikit is pretty close to one bike for all purposes.

I have popped the head clamp open once, during an uphill start. It was a little strange (!) but, despite being in heavy traffic, I didn't feel particularly endangered. Having done my share of track racing, I am probably more physical with the front of the bike than many other riders.

I have now taken to keeping the tension of the cables a bit higher. If I unfold the bike, the tension in the cable just stops the bike unfolding full under its own weight. As you unfold it is sort of "bounces" just short of the stop and latching it with the seat post holds it unfolded.

I'm not rapt on the twist grip, particularly with wet hands I find it hard to get enough grip to change gears - a different (softer?) grip on the shifter would no doubt solve this, but I'll probably put a 9-sp rapid-fire style on.

I notice that the fittings on the monotube for the carry handle / "shower cap" are similar, but not the same spacing as for a bottle cage. I'm not sure if a cage (even a flexible one) would interfere with the fold, but I wouldn't mind the option of being able to put a bottle there.

I'd like a little less movement in the head hinge: the clamping mechanism (what's now called the "hyperfold") is pretty good, but there seems to be a little looseness in the pivot of the hinge.

Paul Webb

The pic above is Paul's latest setup. Note that he has the older style stem hinge not the new stiffer design accounting for the play he is experiencing.

He has some very cool bar ends [Tranz-X JD-886] that allow you to store tools inside.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paul
What kind of rear pack is that attached to the seatpost of your tikit? I have a gobike and that would be perfect for me if it would fit onto the oversized seatpost.

Paul said...

It's a Detours High Tail Expandable bag. It uses a klik-fix attachment. The metal frame detaches with the bag.

weisan said...

Hi Paul,

I noticed you are using a double front chainring. Why do you do that and what size are they? Did you have a front deraileur to shift them or are you doing it "manual" for different terrain/situation?

I like the current setup.