Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tikit Take Out

mmm...lemon grass chicken [in the backpack]....=-)


pxboii said...

hi vik,

I was wondering how much did fedex charge for broker's fee when you received your tikit. I'm in TO and I'm planning to buy the model T that's on sale now. I know UPS will charge close to 200 bucks on top of shipping cost. Also was there any duty since the bike is made in US?

Vik said...
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Vik said...

Hi there. I paid $150US for shipping and $76CDN GST when it arrived. There was no brokerage fee so I assume that forms part of the shipping cost.

Since you are in TO you might have to pay PST unless the new PST bicycle waiver applies to the Tikit.

I didn't pay any duties or other charges.

I hope you enjoy your Model T looks like a great deal on a bike.