Friday, January 4, 2008

Tikit "Hyper-fold" vs. Model T

If you were keen on a Tikit, but didn't want to spend the $$$. Now they have a cheaper model I thought I'd clarify the differences with BF so I could compare the different Tikit options.

Stock Tikit 8spd = $1195
- comes with cable activated stem hinge
- comes with fenders

Model T Tikit = $999
- comes with knob activated stem hinge
- no fenders

All other features/options/components are the same and the Model T is available in any of the three sizes [SM, Med, Lrg]. I think the only colour option for either version of the Tikit detailed above will be black, but I'm not 100% on this.

Fenders typically cost around $60 for Bike Fridays, but I haven't confirmed the cost of the Tikit specific fender set yet. If the metal support strut is part of that set it might be more than $60.

The price differential between the Model T and the Hyper folding stock Tikits is now in the range of $100 - $135 depending on the cost of the Tikit fender set.

Note that there is a promotion on at the moment until the end of January 31st.

If you order a NEW Bike Friday by January 31st:

* You'll receive 10% off the 2008 price (even on the models that didn't exist in 2007)
* We'll double your Returning Customer Discount - making it $100!
* We'll extend the Best Trade-in Program in the industry to you (up to 40% of the original invoiced price of your Bike Friday)!
* And of course, the Bike Friday 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Bike Friday.

Of course you can spend a lot more on a Built To Order Tikit, but these two models are the best values.

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