Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anna's Birthday

Kurt and I met up to ride over to Princess Island for Anna's birthday brunch. We stopped on the way to grab some flowers for the birthday girl.

Being overly keen we had some time to kill before our reservation so we goofed off in the park next to the restaurant.

The River Cafe is fine dining and didn't get too excited about bikes inside. Rather than argue we locked the Tikits next to the patio where we could see them. You can argue with restaurant staff, but they can do nasty things to your soup to get even so think twice about that! If they hadn't seen the bikes we could have probably smuggled them in under their "shower cap" covers, but we blew that option by riding right up to the hostess on our Bike Fridays.

After a delicious brunch with Anna and the gang we tried to catch Tropic Thunder at the Eau Claire movie theater with no luck. I'm still recovering from a slight dance floor related foot injury so I decided to pull the plug on our Tikit caper and go home for some cold beer therapy...=-)

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