Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shimano's Nexus 8 Spew


Anonymous said...

Hi --

A comment, and a request:

Comment: I ride a much-modified old Raleigh Twenty. I installed a Shimano Nexus 8 speed hub (SG8-R25) on it about 18 months ago, don't know how many miles... but a good number. Love it! Zero problems to date.

Request: Raleigh Twenty was a state-of-the-art folder... in the 1960s. Leaves something to be desired when I try to get it onto a crowded train! Pretty sure that I NEED a Tikit. How do I get my eager hands on a Seasons Tikit? Don't see anything on Bike Friday's website.


Vik said...

Hi Steve,

Just call up Bike Friday's toll free number and tell them you'd like to order a Seasons Tikit. The website isn't quite up to date. If you have any troubles placing your order just drop me a line and I'll get you connected to someone that can help you out.

The Seasons Tikit will be a nice upgrade from your venerable Twenty.