Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Seasons Tikit Dropout

By request here is a close up of the Seasons Tikit's adjustable dropout.


ankchank said...

Thanks Vic. Interesting way of setting it up. I guess you have the option of going fixed gear in the future with that. The more I think about it the more I like it as I've also got a Surly CC with a Nexus and a fixed gear but I've never been able to get "finger tip" accuracy in adjusting the chain tension, like it looks like you can. Yep, I'm jealous.

Danny said...

What's the advantage of using this setup as opposed to say the horizontal dropout setup?

Sorry if my question is basic. I'm still a newbie to this.

Vik said...

Ultimately you need to tension the chain. Horizontal dropouts are one way the setup on the Seasons Tikit is another. The Seasons Tikit dropouts allow for easy fine tuning of chain tension which is a good thing.

danny said...

Thanks Vik, for the reply.

Thought you're off on your way to the Arctic alrd (or you've returned by now?)

I think I should commend you on this blog, too. I'm seriously considering the getting the tikit for my daily commute once I move over to Australia.

Thanks for setting up this blog! I'll be sure to return often to get my fix of tikit news. :)

kemal said...

Hi Vik,

Couple questions about your Season's tikit. It appears to have a chain guard. Where did you find that?

I'm considering ordering a single speed "One Way tikit" that I can later convert to a Season's. Does your frame appear to have 135 spacing which requires some squashing to hold the 132mm Nexus hub?


Vik said...

Kemal the chain guard came with the Seasons Tikit from BF.

As for the 132mm hub. I can't see any issues with using a 135mm or a 132mm hub in the frame, but I'd talk with BF about that. Often bikes will be set at 132.5mm so they can use road or mtn hubs and this doesn't cause an issue. I've setup a friends bike that has 135mm drop outs with a 130mm road hub and she has used that without a problem for years.