Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seasons Tikit Gearing

The Seasons Tikit utilizes the Shimano Nexus 8 [Premium] hub and with a 53T chain ring and a 16T cog provides a gear range of approximately 88" to 29" with the stock 37-349 Schwalbe Marathon tires.

Here is a breakdown of each gear:
1st = 28.8" [0.527]
2nd = 35.2" [0.644]
3rd = 40.9" [0.748]
4th = 46.5" [0.851]
5th = 54.7" [1.00]
6th = 66.9" [1.223]
7th = 77.6" [1.419]
8th = 88.3" [1.615]

You can get cogs in the following sizes for this hub to change the gear range as desired: 16T, 18T, 19T, 20T, 21T, 22T and 23T.


jbutterw said...

Hey Vik, what are those two silver colored rods to the right of the Nexus hub and above the chain? They looked to be clamped there by a black piece of plastic and a screw/bolt. I can see it in other Season Tikit photos of yours as well. It looks like it runs all the way to just above the chainring (where the front derailleur would be). Is that something unique to the Nexus? Is it on your other Tikit? What the heck is it?


Vik said...

Those rods act as a minimalist chain guard to keep your clothes out of the greasy chain. They seem to work pretty well.

jbutterw said...

Is that a Bike Friday innovation, a standard aftermarket product, or a Vik design special?

Vik said...

That's a Bike Friday special as far as I can tell.